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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enroll my patients in CORE?
A: There are two options for enrolling in CORE. 1) Manual, handwritten enrollment via fax and 2) enrollment form completed electronically using assistPoint.

Q: Can I get personal assistance to help me with the claims process?
A: Yes! The CORE Hotline is a service provided by Teva Oncology to help patients and their physicians understand the complexities of reimbursement.

Q: How do I verify my patient's benefits?
A: Coverage for medications and treatments can vary greatly from one health plan policy to another. CORE can contact health insurance companies to verify a particular patient's benefits and determine coverage. For assistance in verifying coverage, contact the CORE Hotline at 1-888-587-3263. Authorization from the patient is required.

Q: Do patients need to be registered with the CORE program before their treatment?
A: No. Registration in CORE is only required for reimbursement assistance.

Q: Does CORE provide assistance with obtaining reimbursement for remaining charges not covered by the patient's primary insurance company?
A: Yes. CORE can provide you with contact information to copayment foundations that may be able to assist your patients.

Q: Does CORE bill claims?
A: No. CORE does not provide billing services, but CORE may be able to provide guidance on billing questions.

Q: How do I bill for wastage?
A: Payer requirements for documenting wastage vary. CORE may be able to provide guidance on these billing questions.

Q: How do I submit a reimbursement claim for my patient's treatment?
A: To submit a claim for reimbursement, you will need your patient's current insurance information and some additional information. Guidance on this process can be found within the Reimbursement Process section of this site.

Q: Why does CORE ask for medical information?
A: In order for CORE to conduct a benefits investigation, it may be necessary to obtain medical information that is based on the patient's clinical situation and the payer’s coverage requirements.

Q: My patient's insurance has denied the claim. What is my next step?
A: See the reimbursement process page for information on the appeals process.

Q: My patient can't afford treatment; what resources are available?
A: If a treatment with a Teva Oncology product is being considered for a patient who is uninsured, the Teva Cares Foundation patient assistance program may be able to help. Other information can be found in the Additional Resources section. For complete details and eligibility requirements, contact the CORE Hotline toll-free at 1-888-587-3263.

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